Making Your Real Estate Blog Interesting

If your blog is just a repository of your latest listings, it’s time for you to make a change. One way is by connecting features in your listing to interesting information – history, how-tos, stories, etc. By making your blog of interest to more people than just real estate buyers, you will gain authority and influence beyond your sphere as an agent. In turn, this can help with your marketing of your services.

For many agents, the blog on their website is for showcasing their listings and bringing new listings to the attention of their readers. But does this really give you an audience? I mean, sure, if your readers are interested in a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home in Neighborhood X in City Y, maybe your latest blog post will be of interest to them. For most of the mortals casually visiting your website, it’s just another boring listing – something that takes them a tenth of a second to glance over and discard.

Imagine, though, what they might do if you had the beginnings of an interesting story or some history about the house style or a how-to? They might be encouraged to read further. Reading further means that they are interested. If your blog is interesting, they may well come back – just for the articles, but in the meantime, your name and business are getting branded on their minds – or tell their friends or post a particularly interesting post on their Facebook or Twitter… and suddenly your blog gets a lot more hits and you get a lot more free advertising.

How do you make your listings interesting? Start writing short blog posts to go along with them. Make them of note to people interested in real estate, the community the home is in, or the history of home styles or home construction.

History of historic home (if you know it) and how it relates to the history of the community
History of the home’s construction style (Victoria, Craftsman, etc)
Interesting tips about renovating and maintaining older homes.
Home care tips are always popular, especially seasonal maintenance reminders
Eco-friendly home solutions are getting huge amounts of popularity
Gardening advice
Staging advice for home sellers
Moving organization advice
Garage Sale tips
Home buying tips
If you don’t know a lot about a subject, this is a great time to contact your local experts and feature their wisdom on your blog. Many people will be happy to share their expertise, especially if you’re giving them or their business free advertising.

Make your blog entries short: three to five hundred words. Make them concise. If you want to really make your listings shine, make a feature of the listing a key point in your blog post. Go local; if you need information, go to or email a local business for information. Talk about local events. This is a wonderful way of establishing links in your areas of service.

Your blog can be more than just another listings repository. Make it shine with information that interests, excites and informs your audience and you will develop a following that can net you leads in the future.

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